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Furniture, Cabinet and Display Lighting Systems

design-my-kitchen offer a wide range of lighting products to make all spaces come alive and look stunning. Recessed luminaries offer brilliant lighting solutions for even the smallest of spaces. The LED, halogen or fluorescent lamps allow many different applications according to individual requirements. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to any design, adding colour , workability in that space also changing the mood and ambiance.

A popular choice is over-cabinet luminaries made of quality materials such as metal, aluminium and glass, they are the perfect combination of acordinated lighting and elegance. The range extends from glass shelf lights , LED coloured strip lights which come with remote controls, through to reading lights to dainty LED spots for them quite relaxing spaces. General diffused lighting over areas is one of the outstanding characteristics of linear luminaires. Strip lighting and flexible connections provide continuous light, including corner and curved applications.

Visit our showroom for a coffee, sit back relax and check out just some of the lighting options available to make your space what you want, the options are endless..

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