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Instant Boiling Water

Product Information

Alessio is a round 3-in-1 boiling water tap that allows you to switch easily between cold, hot and boiling water. This tap has a chrome finish and is equipped with a unique safety system:

✔ Safest boiling water tap
✔ Handy pan -filling function
✔ No over spray of steam

Intelliprotect sytem

Extra safe for children

The unique and patented safety system of Intelliprotect enables you to adjust the safety level of the HotSpot Titanium. The clever pressure system has also caught the attention of others, because Intelliprotect has twice been recognised as a Good Industrial Design (GIO) as well as winning the iF product design award.


Pan-filling function

Easily fill a pan

What is unusual for the HotSpot Titanium is the pan-filling function. After the push button on the tap is held for ten seconds, the boiling water flows continuously. Afterwards, the button on the boiling-water tap only has to be pressed once to stop the water flow.

Titanium water heater

Only the best quality

The HotSpot Titanium water heater is an extremely strong and low-maintenance water heater that makes corrosion a thing of the past and reduces calcification significantly. It has a longer life, provides pure drinking water and is fully recyclable.


Stylish Easy Living

Omni 4-in1 from Franke

The one tap that delivers not only hot and cold mains water but also cold and boiling filtered water. Not nearly boiling water like many kettle taps, really boiling at a full 100 degrees. Nothing less will do to quicken up cooking and brew the perfect cup of tea.
Prices for the Franke range include tap, filter, water tank.

£1359.90 + vat
£1631.88 inc vat

More Instant Boiling Water

Other Models 3 in 1 Tap

1. Minerva Irena
2. Minerva Original
3. Minerva Helix
4. Minerva Mondial


1. Vapos 3 in 1
2. Vapos Quad 3 in 1

2.4 litres of steaming water ready for instant use. With the temperature range of up to 98 degrees this tap is perfect for anything from preparing a cup of tea to blanching vegetables and assisting the cooking of pasta or rice.

Instant steaming hot water, fresh cold water and regular hot water all from one stylish, solid stainless steel tap.
Tap, Filter, Boiler £1500.50 (inc vat)